Hope for the Future

By Herbert W. Armstrong from the Plain Truth magazine, December 1977


Do you see a bright future ahead? For you? For humanity? Personally, I do — and if you can join me in saying that, you are one in a hundred thousand!

Where is any good news today? Where is any future to be found in nations developing nuclear weapons which can erase all human, animal and plant life from the earth? Where is any hope to be found in the wretchedness, ignorance, poverty, squalor and filth in which more than half the world’s population lives?

Where is any joyous anticipation to be found in prosperous “have” nations where sources of drinking water — the rivers and lakes — are being polluted, where the air we breathe is being befouled, the soil is worn out and contaminated, and the foods are being robbed of nutrition in food factories; where homes and families are being broken up, crime is rapidly increasing, racial problems and violence are erupting, and sickness and mental disturbances multiplying?

Where is happiness today? Sixty years ago, driving along country roads in Iowa, I saw and heard farmers plowing behind teams of horses, singing happily as they walked. Today, the farmers ride tractors — but where did the singing and the happiness go?

Can we find encouraging reassurance for tomorrow on university campuses where the leaders of tomorrow are consigning morality to the limbo of an outmoded past, where suicides are on the increase, and where unproved doctrines are being absorbed by impressionable minds?

Where do we find inspiration in the assertions of world leaders and the so-called “great,” who are warning us that we must adjust to a future of growing problems and dangers where there are NO SOLUTIONS?

Well, for those who hold the above prevailing concepts, the future must indeed appear discouragingly bleak — if they take a look at it instead of kidding themselves into assuming that by ignoring the dangers they will somehow go away.

There is a CAUSE for every effect.

There is a CAUSE for the state of the world today. And there has to be a CAUSE that will produce the peaceful and happy world tomorrow. There had to be a first cause for the very existence of matter, of life, of forces and energies. But today, it is considered “intellectual” to be willingly IGNORANT of that. I have said before, that in the first two centuries of the so-called Christian era, it was popular to embrace gnosticism — meaning, “we know.” But today, it is popular to embrace agnosticism — meaning, “we don’t know — we are ignorant.” Today, ignorance is embraced and labeled “knowledge.”

Is it IGNORANCE to recognize the facts of the great First Cause who reveals the true cause of all of today’s ills? Is it wise, intellectual and knowledgeable to be deliberately ignorant of basic facts and truth?

There are two main ways of life — two basic principles — two fundamental philosophies. One is the way of GIVING, the other of GETTING. One is LOVE, the other LUST. One believes it is more blessed to give than to receive. The other insists that acquiring, taking, accumulating, through the ways of competition, leads to progress and happiness.

The one way is God-centered, the other is SELF-centered. The one accepts the golden rule, the other says, “Do it to others before they do it to you.” The one is the way of the divine nature; the other, the way of human nature. The one is the way of humility; the other, of vanity.

This world — all civilization — this world’s society — is based on the hostile, competitive, SELF-centered way. It has produced every wail of human woe. It is the way that now threatens the extinction of humanity.

This all means one thing. Man, imbued with human nature, is utterly UNABLE to solve his problems. He can only worsen problems and create new ones. By the “knowledge” and efforts of man, this world is doomed and hopeless.

Is there, then, nothing to live for? Is there no hope for the future? Not within the knowledge, the skills and abilities of this world’s great minds. Of self-professed “great” men, God says, “Professing themselves to be wise, they have become fools!” (Romans 1:22)

But there emphatically is a bright future ahead! The world tomorrow — which The Plain Truth proclaims — will bring world peace, universal prosperity, universal right education, universal good health.

This coming utopia does not depend on the planning or doing of men. It will be produced in spite of men.

The greatest event of all history will be the coming of the living Jesus Christ again to earth. But this time, He is not coming as the gentle young man from Nazareth, bringing the announcement that led to His flogging and death at the hands of angry men. Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He went to the throne of the government of the vast universe to be GLORIFIED, and coronated as supreme RULER over the entire earth. When He returns, the world will know something of the meaning of “the power and the glory!”

His eyes will flash like flames of fire. His face will not be pale white. It will be like the sun shining in FULL STRENGTH. He will come with all the POWER that created the universe! He is coming to crush every government of men, as if to grind them into powder! He is coming as the King of kings, ruling over ALL NATIONS.

He is coming to change human nature! He is coming to enforce the way of outgoing concern, of love, of giving, serving, sharing, helping, instead of grasping, taking and self-centeredness.

Yes, I see a very bright future — just ahead! It’s the only real GOOD NEWS in the world today!

The millennial Kingdom of God remains the only real solution for the 21st century as well.